About me



Let me introduce myself.

My name is Jiri Formanek. I was born in the Czech Republic. I am married. My wife is of a Cuban nationality. Since 2009 I have been living alternatively in the Czech Republic (Pardubice) and Cuba (Havana).

I specialise in tourism to Cuba.

I speak native Czech, English and Spanish.

Cuba absolutely belongs to some of the most interesting and unique countries of our planet and for that reason it is very much recommended to visit.

I decided to live in Cuba because it offers variety and a possibility of getting to know a different lifestyle.

In Cuba, I am available for 6 months a year (from the end of November/beginning of December till beginning/end of May). During these months I am fully available to all serious clients that require my tourism service, all depending on agreement between my clients and me.

We offer following service:

  • a travel guide for individuals and for groups
  • accommodation arrangement
  • passengers transport
  • realization of complete trips on a territory of Cuba according to customer‘s specifications
  • translation to Spanish

All in all, I am proud to be able to arrange your holiday exactly as you wish because of Cuba‘s uniqueness, I believe, even the most challenging customers will be able to choose for sure.

In the following link you can fill in a form without any obligation to find a price of your trip. Choose according to what places you want to visit on your holiday and I will send you a rough price guide.