Before you start searching for locations which would probably suit you, please bear in mind that catching a certain kind of fish depends on season and location of fish kind appearance.  Please make an idea how you want to spend a holiday in Cuba connected with fishing. In case you travel to Cuba only for this purpose, do not hesitate to contact me in advance. (specification), please write me about what kind of fishing are you interested in, eventually what kind of fish you want to try to catch. According to your chosen specifications (date, kind of fishing, fish) I will contact a appropriate fishing middleman and we will get together an option which would suit you.

If you travel to Cuba because of fishing for the first time, take a look at a specific offer in surroundings of Havana, where you have solid possibilities enough in dependence on date.  Most of tourists choose fishing as an addition of their holiday and therefore they have a possibility to make a discretion in what conditions it is possible to realize visiting Cuba in order to fishing in the future. I can assure you that you will be satisfied because Cuban waters offer home to many kind of fish that attract fishermen from all over the world. Well, even Hemingway knew where to go fishing and  so it happens that there is held on a yearly basis in Havana province the Hemingway fishing tournament, which Fidel Castro himself won in 1960.