Arranging of a complete realization of cycling in Cuba including bike rental and its transportation to a starting point and back.

  • people transportation to a starting point and back
  • accommodation during a trace
  • company on a trace


Admirers of cycling will definitely enjoy Province Pinar del Rio, which offers wonderful sceneries of N.P. Vinales and surrounding plantations of tobacco. Sometimes there is a hilly terrain, scenery is full of green and easygoing people and traces adjusted so that everyone can choose.

Traces are chosen according to what an individual or a groups‘ requirements are, so that admirers of sea can enjoy their trip. This area offers several good-class camping sites therefore for those who prefer this kind of accommodation to staying at the hotel or at Casa Particular I can adjust a trace so that we can use such places.

All depends on agreement with customers and a trace length during a day. An advantage is quite solid accessibility into a capital city – Havana – Pinar del Rio is about 150 km so by taking a bus or a taxi into a starting point you do not loose that much time.

In any event it is possible to arrange cycling traces in other provinces, here it is need to take into consideration longer crossings and bigger expenses. As I have already said, it all depends on bilateral agreement and mainly on your trip requirements.